This image might be misleading, due to the fact that its World Cup session now. Well, while I know that Japan just won, I am not into World Cup. This is about setting a goal for jogging, which I did when I registered for Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018. With this end in mind, I... Continue Reading →

Just run…

This is the view that I am having 2 days in a row when running, on a treadmill. I am cruising onboard Voyager of the Seas along Straits of Malacca. I am not going on shore and treadmill becomes my best friend on this trip. Treadmill does have its advantage, and I am focusing on... Continue Reading →

Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018

2018 Sun Moon Lake Marathon falls on 28 October 2018 and it is a scenic run, giving you 6H30M to cover the entire course leisurely and time to explore Tai Chung City on your own. Yes, I am taking part in this Marathon and hope to provide day-to-day coverage on this event as a Vacathoner. This... Continue Reading →

Change in Perspective

One of the route that I used to take is into Japanese Garden and exit via Chinese Garden. I thought that the path is closed but there's actually a small pedestrian path that leads to Japanese Garden. What a discovery and I saw this when I am taking a double deck bus that passes there.... Continue Reading →

Don’t underestimate yourself

Both Mike Kohler and me had something in common. We wanted to exit at the Half Marathon point and ended up completing the entire Marathon instead. We can do more than we thought possible and we tends to become our own limiting factor. Take out that self doubt and go out to achieve what you... Continue Reading →

Hands Off….your phone.

This is true only to those elite runners. There's a lot of people checking their phone, replying messages, taking photo and even making calls. My opinion is that there might be only 2 situations that one don't check their phone. 1. The battery is dead. 2. They are sleeping and it's on night mode.....or do... Continue Reading →

Sophisticated Runner

There are lots of personal monitors for sports nowadays and it is getting ever more sophisticated. For me, it started with Polar watch that comes with chest strap that monitors distance and heart rate. Then it follows by Garmin with chest strap and then Jabra wireless headphone with built-in HRM + iPhone. Now, I am... Continue Reading →

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