Between your leg and road


Firstly, having a correct running shoe is important.

I paid a relatively huge fee for sports physiotherapist and changing to a running shoe that suits my leg back in 2000. Back then, I experienced iliotibial band syndrome and unable to jog, luckily it does not affect my normal walking.

Previously, my thought was to just get a shoe on discount and go for my run. I have been doing this for a long time until a day when I experienced my kneecap “locked” and sharp pain at around 3km mark. That triggers me to search for a proper consultant and finding what really happened. Apart from knowing the cause, the therapist shared what exercise to do to enhance and what shoe suits me. From then on, I stick to this particular ASICS model whenever I changed a new pair. I tried to change to other models and it does not suits me that well and guess I just continue to use that and it’s replacement model.

When buying a shoe, it’s highly recommended to visit a professional running store that knows exactly putting what type of shoe on which kind of leg. They will tell you if you need a neutral shoe, overproning or underproning type of shoe. It’s also important to look at the socks and I prefer toes sock which prevent my toes from rubbing against each other which resulted in blister.

Usually, we tend to change something when it is broken. Well, not that so for running shoe. Due to continuous impact on the ground while supporting our body weight, supportability reduces after running some mileage. There are some recommendation but I feel it depends on individual. For myself, I need to change the shoe close to 1,000km mark, where I feel that the shoe cannot really support my run. I track this using RunKeeper.

There are many parts of running and many issue might not surface if you are running anything below 10km. When you are running a Full Marathon, your body response differently when exposed to that kind of extreme distance and endurance.

I should be changing my shoe soon and preparing for the next destination as a #Vacathoner.

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