Just take it…

Part of being a Vacathoner involved taking images of what I saw along the way. Apart from keeping them as memories, it is easier to share than me trying to paint them in words.

I used to be carrying around my photography bag that weight around 10kg. Now, I just carry my iPhone and ensuring that it’s charged.

The image above was taken on the return leg of Kagoshima Marathon 2018, without explaining too much, you see what I saw. Well, of course not all of it.

I am using the good old school SLR, those with physical film, when starting to take photos. For those in that era, we need to spend quite a lot of money to figure out the settings, angle, lighting, etc. Nowadays with DSLR, things are becoming not that complex, at least you can get the outcome instantly.

It’s not about the composition and lighting and angle, it’s about the moment that one need to deliver. Settings and functions of cameras or phone can be explore along the way. Moment, is usually just at that instant.

As a #Vacathoner, just snap whatever you think is worth to keep it as memories and share it. People will comment and just let it be as it is for you and those who appreciative of that moment.

Just take it…..snap more images.

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