I got a D7 for my GCE ‘O’ Level examination back then and because of this, I ended up having 16 points for my GCE ‘O’ Level.

Throughout the course of my career, especially after my service with Navy, I need to do lots of writing. From project report and presentation and later “upgrading” to tender submission, papers and articles in LinkedIn. I think I have made significant improvement over these years, amid there’s still many grammar mistake lurking around my articles.

Here comes the main focus of this article, do you need to be someone who write very well with beautiful words to write a blog? The answer is ‘NO‘, you can even write this in English you know, don’t play play. Reason being someone who like your content will read it and gain better perspective into your thinking process by not having those thoughts diluted when you are thinking of beautifying them with words. Don’t worry lah.

Remember, content is the key and only when you have the content then think about beautifying them. I have once heard about a commander who questioned someone during a presentation “Your presentation looks visually impressive but where are those content?”

Writing can be as simple as articulating your thoughts down, as best as you can, so that someone can know what you want to deliver. It can be supplement with images so further illustrate what you want to bring out. However, the images might not mean anything if the person seeing it is unable to bring it into perspective. Thus, you will still need to write something, somehow.

Finally, this is one tips that I like to share on this blog. Remember, if someone scoring a ‘D7″ can do it, you can! Similar to completing a Marathon, focus on the goal and do it….your way.

Boleh? Okay right? Can lah?

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