Travel Arrangement

There are a lot of arrangement to be made when I am traveling for Overseas Marathon. From booking of air tickets, lodging to registration of marathon, there are many things to keep track and to take note.

I still remember my first Overseas Marathon, I am quite worried on not able to get on the shuttle and missed the starting time. There are a lot of things to check to ensure that I can get there, run and to get back to hotel and head to airport. Things could be overwhelming when this is on top of our work and family commitment.

Luckily, one of my good friend launch a startup in Singapore for outdoor traveling. They have some unique cycling tour and most importantly to me, running tour. I understand the challenges involved in making overseas arrangement and thus decided to went with them for Kagoshima Marathon 2018.

Promotion aside, it is as simple as making the decision to run, book my flight (with their advise) and be there. All information are provided for me and there’s a lot of additional information about how to get there and getting back. This save me lots of time in searching around the internet for information and I have someone to talk to (or complain) if something is not working well.

Thus, for those who are keen on overseas running tour, contact them directly and let them share with you on what they have available. You can check out their website here,

I am in the mist of going with them for my next 2 marathons, pending budget approval from my CFO (which is still me).

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