It’s individual

Very often, people are asking me how long it took for me to complete my marathon. I will tell them around 5-6 hours, depending on various conditions.

Why am I not concern about my timing? Reason being the purpose of me running marathon is not about timing. As a #Vacathoner, I am concern about experiencing marathon in different cities, different sceneries, abilities to enjoy the cities, etc.

What inspired me to write this is after seeing some of the pointers from this website.

Few things that catches my attention

  1. There are no fake runners, we are all runners once we start running.
  2. Don’t compare against another, we are all runner against ourselves.
  3. Don’t expect to get better timing for every race, there are more fun apart from timing.
  4. Never skip warmup. I am guilty of this as I just warm up as I run.

Hope this article can change some of your perspective of running and be yourself.

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