Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 1

The date was 2 March 2018 where I start my journey from Singapore to Kagoshima (via Haneda) for 3rd Kagoshima Marathon 2018 on 4 March 2018.

When this was being introduced to me by #TravelWanderSG I was seriously considering to make a trip there for Marathon. Reason being that I have heard this name for a long time without any chance of visiting there, until now.

It was the first time that I am doing a marathon at temperature of approximately 10°C. For this, I bought few stuff to ensure that I can have better chance to complete this journey

  • Long sleeve running shirt from my business trip to New York, it was last piece and I got it on a HUGE discount.
  • Compression tight for lower temperature running which I bought it only 2 days before departure with 35% discount from Suntec City.
  • Finally, Mabel lend her additional scarf to me to prevent my mouth and ear from enduring those cold wind. Which I did not anticipated until when I was at the hotel.

Journey there onboard JAL was pleasant. However, as there were no luggage transfer facility from international to domestic at Haneda International Airport, I need to retrieve my luggage and check-in again after exiting the baggage belt area. They do have a transport to bring connecting passenger over to the other terminal. One point to note, ANA & JAL operates from 2 different terminal and it’s important to take the correct coach to the correct terminal. The coach driver will check your boarding pass to ensure this too.

Upon arrival at Kagoshima, the best means to get to Kagoshima Chuo Station, Tenmonkan Station and Kagoshima Station was via bus. Ticket can be bought at the ticketing machine at ¥1,250 per trip, on the left after exiting the terminal building sliding door. The bus to Kagoshima is just directly in front of the ticketing machine, Bus stand #2. The entire journey takes approximately 40mins.

Upon arriving at the bus stop, it takes another 10mins to walk to my hotel for the next 4 nights, Richmond Hotel Kagoshima Kinseicho. The hotel selected by #TravelWanderSG is within walking distance to the race pack collection point, starting point and finally the finishing point. Dolphin Port, where one can just take a ferry to Sakurajima and there’s also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that’s recommended is less than 10mins walk.

The way that Japanese does their Marathon is very well organised and instructions clearly marked, if you can understand Japanese. However, there are many volunteers around to guide us along where to head for collection. Japanese are very friendly and just approach them for help and they will be more than glad to help you.

One of the major differences between this marathon and those that I went were the flag off time. It’s starting at 8:30am which means that I do not need to worry about waking up late and feeling sleepy during the run.

In my next part, I will cover the actual race day.

Thank you for following this blog and thanks for #TravelWanderSG for making this possible.

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