“Rules of the Road”

Except for jaywalking and illegal crossing, I don’t recall having much rules for road user who are jogging and walking.

However, I feel there are some basic courtesy that we should follow as a user of the road. This is what I am doing for your reference.

  1. Keep to the slower side. In Singapore, slower lane falls on the left and thus, keep to the left when jogging. This allow faster runner to pass as well as giving space for people moving in the opposite direction.
  2. Look out when ‘changing’ lane. This is similar to driving where we turn on our indicator and check blind spot before changing. Someone could be running near you and you could ended up tripping that runner and yourself.
  3. Listen out, don’t burst your earphones. Depending on the running location, it is important to keep an ear out for external sound which could be warning. Especially for ladies.
  4. Keep the speaker to yourself. There are other users around and bursting your mobile speaker could irritate others. Wear your headphone or just don’t listen and focus on your run. As for me, I am listening to my podcast on earphone and don’t turn up the volume.

Apart from these, do also take care if you are running in country, such as Singapore, with many high speed Personal Mobility Device dashing pedestrian walkway. You will need some self defense technique.

Lastly, have fun jogging.

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