Who’s your companion?

My workout buddy is a picture of my ex.

You have made a commitment to complete a race. You have decided that you will train for this and made some personal resolution for this race.

What’s the challenge that you faced in going for those training session? It’s that motivation to continue and to start those sessions. Experience tells me that when I made that first step, I will make sure that I finish the entire plan and made the last step. The challenge is to find a motivation to run, having that companion works for me.

My companion for my training is Podcast, where I catch up with informative telecast such as BBC Tech Tent, BBC Business, TED Talk and HBR IdealCast. All these enable me to keep up with news and various angles as well as having something to occupy myself during those long run. Well, I have managed to get some tips that benefit my work during those runs too. Wanting to gain more from these Podcast is one of the motivating factors that I have to keep me going.

Well, on the flip side, I do not plugin during actual race as I prefer to listen to the environment, surrounding and to enjoy the moment. This is just a tip which works for me, you need to find something that works for you.

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