What am I supposed to write?


I am a newbie blogger and I started only 2 months back and this is my first official proper blog. The first private blog is mainly written by my wife on our daughter. One of my friends was surprised that I am a newbie.

There are lots of questions that I have to myself before starting on my first page:

  1. What am I supposed to be writing?
  2. Do I have that many things to write?
  3. Who will read my posts?
  4. Will anyone like my post?
  5. ……..

The issue about procrastination is that it hinders one from progressing forward and getting actual things done, it prevents action.

On the flip side, once I started to write, ideas about what to write and how to write flows freely. I find myself able to pen down more than I can ever imagine and over the weekend, I realised that I can even write a book on this with some planning and putting things into action.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crushing It!” pushes me further into contributing to this blog that I have. It does not matter who will be reading it now, there will be someone who finds what I have written to be interesting and start to follow me. I just need to be truthful in what I am doing and like what I am doing now. The rest will follow given time.

So for those who are thinking and yet to take action, just believe in yourself and start it. Similar to running a Marathon, the road ahead could be long and tedious, there will be highlights and challenging moment. Eventually, with each step that we take, we are getting closer to the finishing point and we will definitely cross this line. Just continue taking steps and continue to breath!

After crossing the end point, another new chapter awaits us….

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