Kuching Marathon 2017 – Part 1

Months have passed when I am writing this post, just hope that I can recall as much details as I can.

This is my 3rd overseas marathon and I took a directly flight from Singapore to Kuching on 11 August 2017. It was a busy day and I need to make arrangement to return a setup to Terminal 3 before making my way to Terminal 2 for my flight in the evening.

Getting to Kuching is easy and the flight is relatively short from Singapore. As I am using my Krisflyer Miles to claim for this trip, I am getting Business Class for both ways. Reason being that it is more economical to claim Business Class, for some reason.

Upon arrival, clearance was relatively fast and reaching hotel using Uber takes less than 30mins. The hotel that I booked for this trip is Ranee Boutique Suites, it is less than 5mins walk to the starting & finishing point. As the town itself is not huge, the entire city is accessible by foot, hopefully after the race.

The first night itself is rather uneventful except to wait for quite a long while for my Maggi Mee Goreng. Well, this could be due to our pace in Singapore that prompt us to be hasty. The pace in Kuching is more relax and one need to wind down and get used to the pace here. It teaches us that there are really time to notice things around us and not to be too hasty in getting things done.

Breakfast is included and it’s very basic, just to fill your stomach to get started. I spend the next day walking around and exploring Kuching Town and did not venture too far beyond city limit. There’s generally nothing much around the city except for many beautiful wall painting on the buildings.

My thought is to find a cafe and just hangout there for 2-3 hours. There are Starbucks nearby, but if you are looking for those private cafe, selection isn’t great. I just managed to find a cafe approximately 20mins walk from where I stayed and I ended up going there twice during this trip. There are wide variety of local food, one of which being Kolo Mee, which has a traditional taste. Simple yet tasty, down to the basic requirement of food. You can get this from different stores along the street and their setup is our style of coffee shop back in 1990s. Similar to those conservation store front that we have in Tiong Bahru area, Singapore.

The entire city feels like Singapore in 1990s, where things starts to pick up and changing for the better. The place is undergoing transformation and many of the local structure and “feel” are still being kept. There are also international brands and big shopping mall in this town which I am planning to pay a visit on the day after my run.

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