Create your own memories

One of the challenges for creating your own blog or memories is finding the right images for them. Right images? Well, in actual fact, each image tells their own story and all of them are unique in their own way.

In taking photos and using those images, throw away those “perfection” thoughts that you have. Being a perfectionist brings you no where. Just like when I am creating this page, I am thinking of a appropriate title and it got me caught for a while.

What’s important is to move on and do the actual thing that is of value. Agreed that some sees if the title catches their attention before reading. However, an image catches their attention better than words.

I’ve taken these 2 images during my run yesterday. A common sight to me but alien for many, especially when there are not much human and vehicle movement in a busy place on weekday. Technology nowadays greatly enable us to create our own image, easily. These images are taken on my iPhone X while running. Yes, without stopping down to take them, just slowing down.

The next time you saw something interesting while doing your run, just take them first. Decide on their use later and the next time you are back, they might not be there anymore.

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