Kuching Marathon 2017 – Part 2

I just can’t seems to sleep anytime earlier and getting sleepy when it’s nearer to the time to wake up, as usual. This is the challenge of running a Marathon, starting in the middle of the night where it’s the most sleepy.

Starting point is just 3 minutes walk from hotel and I got there very early. People are still taking their time to laze around, warmup, checking social media and posting. This question remains, “What am I doing here instead of sleeping?”. All these questions does not matter when we are counting down to the last minute and eventually, flag off.

I recalled that the time taken to run within the city is very short and we were heading out of city very soon. Once we were out, there isn’t too much sceneries to be seen as it is still in the middle of the night. There isn’t much to recall from the run except that the circles there does have a wide diameter, it takes quite some time to jog around the circle. The final part of the route brings us to industrial area and finally back to Kuching City. By the time I am back in the city, the distance seems to be taking longer time to cover and finishing line seems to be getting further.

It starts to drizzle and I told myself that I need to get back before it gets heavier and thus I continued jogging towards the finishing line. Finishing line is just round the corner from my hotel and I still can’t go in for the hot bath. Just turning round the corner and I saw the finishing line and they had performance to welcome all finishers. After crossing the line, I went to collect my medal and T-Shirt immediately and start heading back to hotel. My focus then was to get out of this sweaty wear and had a hot both.

The last hurdle was to climb up the flight of steps that stands between me and my room, from the entrance. I was laughing as I climb up, “Why am I doing this? Making myself so amusing?” Guess Marathon is a sport of Love & Hate, unless one is well trained and well prepared. Still, there are always uncertainties.

I spend the next 2 days walking around the town and visiting a shopping mall, nothing exciting and just enjoying this simple and peaceful town. The rest of the days passed rather uneventfully and I managed to catch some Pokemon and fighting a gym. Getting back was easy using Uber, it took me approximately 30mins to reach the airport from my hotel. The last trace of Marathon was before entering immigration area, where there’s a banner to see us off and welcoming us back for Kuching 2018.

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