Don’t give up

"I don't think I can make the finish line, so I'm going back!"

I recall that in my first Marathon, my thought then was to give up at half way point as my right leg was hurting as I jog. When I am approaching the half way point, I told myself that I need to hang on until that point.

However, I later realised that I actually missed the exit point when the distance marker states 24km. I am still wondering, without any recall of my memories then, that why I failed to see anything that should be rather obvious. Well, I guess something must have happened and for some reason I need to complete that to trigger subsequent events.

If I did not complete the Marathon then, I might not be continuing my jog and will not have the chance to stumble upon overseas Marathon and creating this Vacathoner site. Well, I do not have any regret that I missed that, it gives me the discovery that once I set off to do something, I can do it. As long as I have the belief in myself, I can complete it, even when I am just inching towards the goal.

Believe in yourself!

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