Change in Perspective

Great weather when running along park connector along Lakeside Drive,
Japanese Garden, have not been coming here for a long time.

One of the route that I used to take is into Japanese Garden and exit via Chinese Garden. I thought that the path is closed but there’s actually a small pedestrian path that leads to Japanese Garden. What a discovery and I saw this when I am taking a double deck bus that passes there.

There are lots of beautiful sceneries around and we do not need to travel far to seek those out and there are many nice places within Singapore too. I like to travel to see other places too but I bet we could be more curious about our surrounding and start to see things from different angle and we could just stumbled upon its beauty.

Just lift your head up and start looking around and if you have a phone that comes with camera, just take a snap. It’s not that difficult and don’t think too much, what you have taken there, at that moment, is unique and only you have that.

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