This image might be misleading, due to the fact that its World Cup session now. Well, while I know that Japan just won, I am not into World Cup.

This is about setting a goal for jogging, which I did when I registered for Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018. With this end in mind, I broke down my runs into months and further down into distance that I need to cover. I need to consider hitting those milestones and trying to stay injury free, managing the risk, while keeping the goal of attending the marathon in mind.

Well, maybe for those PMPs out there who’s also doing Marathon, we can start clocking our PMP & PMI-RMP PDUs from these planning.

That’s the reason that I just came back from my short jog just now to close the day and it’s 12:30am in Singapore.

Have a goal, else I will already be sleeping or still facing the laptop screen.

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