My name is Sunny and I live in Sunny Island of Singapore where it is generally summer all year round. This blog is an outcome of A Book, A Thought and 4 Hobbies.

I am a Marathoner by accident back in 2002 where I intend to exit at 21km mark due to injury but missed the exit. I struggled to finish the entire 42.195km by fast march and walking. That’s how I complete my first marathon. Since my first overseas marathon in 2014, I found myself liking the concept of visiting a city and complete a marathon. I can put together Vacation + Jogging + Photography in a single trip, recharging myself and enjoying my hobbies. Besides seeing the city, participating in marathon enable me to see beyond the usual tourist.

I realised that while people like to jog and travel, many do not combine these together. “I don’t want to waste my time resting before and after marathon.”, “Marathon sounds punishing while Vacation is for enjoying.”, etc. There are many questions that are stopping us. Fear and Unknowns are two greatest culprit for us not taking action.

What I want to achieve from this blog is to share with you my experience in putting Vacation + Marathon. I will share what I am currently doing, my previous considerations for joining a race, my non-elite training, etc. and what I have learnt so far. My wish is for you to manage your fear and unknown in order to participate to experience it yourself. For those who already did it, please also help to contribute so that as a community, we can encourage more to take their first step.

Thank you!

Vacathoner comes from putting Vacation and Marathoner together, who is someone that completes Marathon while having Vacation. Why Vacathoner and not Runcationer? The purpose is to specifically differentiate between leisure runner who just run shorter distance and from those who complete Ultra distance.

Completed Marathon

    1. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 1 December 2002
    2. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 5 December 2004
    3. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 3 December 2006
    4. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – 2 December 2007
    5. Penang Bridge International Marathon – 14 November 2014
    6. Laguna Phuket Marathon – 6 June 2016
    7. Kuching Marathon – 13 August 2017
    8. Kagoshima Marathon – 4 March 2018


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