Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018

2018 Sun Moon Lake Marathon falls on 28 October 2018 and it is a scenic run, giving you 6H30M to cover the entire course leisurely and time to explore Tai Chung City on your own. Yes, I am taking part in this Marathon and hope to provide day-to-day coverage on this event as a Vacathoner. This... Continue Reading →

Don’t underestimate yourself

Both Mike Kohler and me had something in common. We wanted to exit at the Half Marathon point and ended up completing the entire Marathon instead. We can do more than we thought possible and we tends to become our own limiting factor. Take out that self doubt and go out to achieve what you... Continue Reading →

Pit Stop

Pit Stop service for Sundown Marathon tomorrow, available for all runners and you can make appointment 1km in advance. If this is not available, the app will route you to the next nearest available. Wonder how's the take up rate going to be like and the distance their guarantee distance before next change. Good Luck... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up

I recall that in my first Marathon, my thought then was to give up at half way point as my right leg was hurting as I jog. When I am approaching the half way point, I told myself that I need to hang on until that point. However, I later realised that I actually missed... Continue Reading →

Kuching Marathon 2017 – Part 2

I just can't seems to sleep anytime earlier and getting sleepy when it's nearer to the time to wake up, as usual. This is the challenge of running a Marathon, starting in the middle of the night where it's the most sleepy. Starting point is just 3 minutes walk from hotel and I got there... Continue Reading →

Suffering yet Enjoying

How often we get involved in a situation that we just want to get out of it yet trying to get into another again? When I am standing at the starting point, I am always thinking to myself, “Why am I doing this?”. I am sort of paying money, spending time to put myself in... Continue Reading →

Bragging Rights

How many of you complete a Marathon so that you can check off one item on your list and using that to strike an conversation? This is not my initial intention of completing an Marathon but somehow it helps to enable people to make reference to who I am. People might just point to me... Continue Reading →

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