First Marathon…

One of the most important decision that you might have could be deciding on completing a Marathon. I have completed my first Marathon in 2002, it was the first Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and support then was incredible and it was not packed with lots of runners. I did not think much then about recovery... Continue Reading →

Start of a new Chapter

I am breaking into my new shoe today and this is the first run after a week's break due to flu. While running just now, I saw that I should be approaching my run as an individual chapter and closing chapter after a Marathon that I set out to achieve. In this chapter, I am... Continue Reading →

Be a Vacathoner…

Let's face it, being a Vacathoner needs someone to be traveling out of house for training and traveling to another place to complete a Marathon. Thus, if the hardest part is to leave the house, then you might need to find another title to tag yourself with. Vacathoner is not suitable at the moment.

Run your own race

I once told people that when I am going overseas for Marathon, I will go for a Full Marathon instead of a Half. Reason being that since I am already there, I will just complete the full distance instead of covering just half of it. However, this does not mean that running half the distance... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 2

4 March 2018. Today is the day for Kagoshima Marathon 2018 and the expected temperature today is supposed to be great, looking at approximately 13°C and going up to approximately 20°C later in the day. After exiting hotel, there are a lot of people walking from all over the corners to the starting point and... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 1

The date was 2 March 2018 where I start my journey from Singapore to Kagoshima (via Haneda) for 3rd Kagoshima Marathon 2018 on 4 March 2018. When this was being introduced to me by #TravelWanderSG I was seriously considering to make a trip there for Marathon. Reason being that I have heard this name for... Continue Reading →

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