Just run…

This is the view that I am having 2 days in a row when running, on a treadmill. I am cruising onboard Voyager of the Seas along Straits of Malacca. I am not going on shore and treadmill becomes my best friend on this trip. Treadmill does have its advantage, and I am focusing on... Continue Reading →

What’s a Corral

In a Marathon, it's common for runners to get classify into different starting zone. This classification depends on individual timing and the purpose is not to obstruct those who are going faster. For myself, I try to stay within those finishing approximate 6 hours so that I can enjoy the run and start overtaking other... Continue Reading →

Down with flu

I am down with flu now, started with discomfort in my throat after returning from NYC. Went for medical appointment and my doctor said that this is not flu virus but due to lack of rest. He told me to take a break and I should not be running for a week and have more... Continue Reading →

Too late to start…..

We always tagged our age to ability to do or not to do something, such is the social norm and perception of people. Such perceptive changes in different society and different family. People thought of running as something that is detrimental to joints and body and often too old to start after a certain age.... Continue Reading →

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