Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018

2018 Sun Moon Lake Marathon falls on 28 October 2018 and it is a scenic run, giving you 6H30M to cover the entire course leisurely and time to explore Tai Chung City on your own. Yes, I am taking part in this Marathon and hope to provide day-to-day coverage on this event as a Vacathoner. This... Continue Reading →

Kuching Marathon 2017 – Part 2

I just can't seems to sleep anytime earlier and getting sleepy when it's nearer to the time to wake up, as usual. This is the challenge of running a Marathon, starting in the middle of the night where it's the most sleepy. Starting point is just 3 minutes walk from hotel and I got there... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 2

4 March 2018. Today is the day for Kagoshima Marathon 2018 and the expected temperature today is supposed to be great, looking at approximately 13°C and going up to approximately 20°C later in the day. After exiting hotel, there are a lot of people walking from all over the corners to the starting point and... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 1

The date was 2 March 2018 where I start my journey from Singapore to Kagoshima (via Haneda) for 3rd Kagoshima Marathon 2018 on 4 March 2018. When this was being introduced to me by #TravelWanderSG I was seriously considering to make a trip there for Marathon. Reason being that I have heard this name for... Continue Reading →

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone

This could be the article that starts it all. While it does not enabled me to continue going for Runcation, it does motivated me to continue doing it and eventually working on the #Vacathoner blog that you are reading now. Visiting new places and photography is something that I like to do and combining it... Continue Reading →

Kick Starting

Alrighty, this is the first official post to kick start this blog where I have created a week back. Back then, my purpose is to do something that I am keen and putting them together. Travelling, Jogging, Photography and Writing. Yes, even with my limited vocabulary and grammar mistakes, I like to write to express... Continue Reading →

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