This image might be misleading, due to the fact that its World Cup session now. Well, while I know that Japan just won, I am not into World Cup. This is about setting a goal for jogging, which I did when I registered for Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018. With this end in mind, I... Continue Reading →

Don’t underestimate yourself

Both Mike Kohler and me had something in common. We wanted to exit at the Half Marathon point and ended up completing the entire Marathon instead. We can do more than we thought possible and we tends to become our own limiting factor. Take out that self doubt and go out to achieve what you... Continue Reading →

Importance of Target

What's the big deal in setting a target for Vacathoner? Well, it's challenging to keep myself motivated for covering longer distance if I do not have a target in mind. What's the best target? Register yourself for a Marathon! You have an end in mind and tends to work out training schedule to meet that.... Continue Reading →


Do it or not doing it? It's always my dilemma for this as when I am sleeping, I will think of going for a jog. When I am jogging, I will think of resting on my bed. Thus, it's a struggle between Road and Bed. One of the way to overcome this is to have... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up

I recall that in my first Marathon, my thought then was to give up at half way point as my right leg was hurting as I jog. When I am approaching the half way point, I told myself that I need to hang on until that point. However, I later realised that I actually missed... Continue Reading →

Left, Right, Left, Right….

There are people who asked me how do I run a Marathon. Well, the most simple answer is to move your left foot forward, then right foot, then left foot, right foot, left foot.......and keep breathing while doing all these. Just like what Gimli had said in The Two Towers - Lord of the Rings...."Keep... Continue Reading →

Run your own distance

It’s normal to just run the distance that you want during each session. It’s no shame to run only 3km if you feels like it. No one know the body better than you, listen to your body. There are days where I setoff to complete a distance but cut it short. Likewise, there are days... Continue Reading →

Giving Up!

What's your thought if you went to a race and need to give up? It could be due to injury, cutoff time, unwell somewhere, etc.What's holding you back from not quitting? Is it the focus on goal? The decision not to give up and to hang on till the end? You have nothing to post... Continue Reading →

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