Sun Moon Lake Marathon 2018

2018 Sun Moon Lake Marathon falls on 28 October 2018 and it is a scenic run, giving you 6H30M to cover the entire course leisurely and time to explore Tai Chung City on your own. Yes, I am taking part in this Marathon and hope to provide day-to-day coverage on this event as a Vacathoner. This... Continue Reading →

Start of a new Chapter

I am breaking into my new shoe today and this is the first run after a week's break due to flu. While running just now, I saw that I should be approaching my run as an individual chapter and closing chapter after a Marathon that I set out to achieve. In this chapter, I am... Continue Reading →

What’s stopping you…

Been giving yourself excuse for running the first Marathon of your life? You are not alone. There are people, whom I know, said that one of their goals is to complete a Marathon. There's nothing wrong with this goal, what's wrong is they never really get started. What's stopping you? I came across this very... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 2

4 March 2018. Today is the day for Kagoshima Marathon 2018 and the expected temperature today is supposed to be great, looking at approximately 13°C and going up to approximately 20°C later in the day. After exiting hotel, there are a lot of people walking from all over the corners to the starting point and... Continue Reading →

Kagoshima Marathon 2018 – Part 1

The date was 2 March 2018 where I start my journey from Singapore to Kagoshima (via Haneda) for 3rd Kagoshima Marathon 2018 on 4 March 2018. When this was being introduced to me by #TravelWanderSG I was seriously considering to make a trip there for Marathon. Reason being that I have heard this name for... Continue Reading →

Travel Arrangement

There are a lot of arrangement to be made when I am traveling for Overseas Marathon. From booking of air tickets, lodging to registration of marathon, there are many things to keep track and to take note. I still remember my first Overseas Marathon, I am quite worried on not able to get on the... Continue Reading →

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