Run your own distance

It’s normal to just run the distance that you want during each session. It’s no shame to run only 3km if you feels like it. No one know the body better than you, listen to your body. There are days where I setoff to complete a distance but cut it short. Likewise, there are days... Continue Reading →

Just slow down…

If we are passing our life as fast as those recklessly speeding and zooming eScooter and Cyclists on pavement (those from Singapore will know this), we will just be missing those beautiful things around us. Sometimes, slowly down doesn't mean that you are losing out. Instead, you might be rewarded with greater insights that others... Continue Reading →

Create your own memories

One of the challenges for creating your own blog or memories is finding the right images for them. Right images? Well, in actual fact, each image tells their own story and all of them are unique in their own way. In taking photos and using those images, throw away those "perfection" thoughts that you have.... Continue Reading →

Who’s your companion?

You have made a commitment to complete a race. You have decided that you will train for this and made some personal resolution for this race. What's the challenge that you faced in going for those training session? It's that motivation to continue and to start those sessions. Experience tells me that when I made... Continue Reading →

Rain rain go away…

When training for long distance and when schedule is packed, it is disappointing to see this weather out of window. Well, what's my alternative to this? It's overcast just now and I just quickly change to my running gear and leave my phone at home and went for a short run. Started raining when I... Continue Reading →

Short run in NYC

Comparing jogging between San Francisco and New York City, I prefer San Francisco, a lot more in fact. In NYC, the place is crowded with people and there's a traffic junction in between just short distance. I planned to jog to Central Park and back but forgo this thought after seeing the number of people... Continue Reading →

Sun after the heavy downpour

It was raining cats & dogs and weather turns a quick turn and the sky is blue and sunny again. I decided to go for a jog and bought some ingredients back for cooking dinner. When running along my usual route towards supermarket and passing by this usual spot, I decided to just take a... Continue Reading →

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