What am I supposed to write?

I am a newbie blogger and I started only 2 months back and this is my first official proper blog. The first private blog is mainly written by my wife on our daughter. One of my friends was surprised that I am a newbie. There are lots of questions that I have to myself before... Continue Reading →

Start of a new Chapter

I am breaking into my new shoe today and this is the first run after a week's break due to flu. While running just now, I saw that I should be approaching my run as an individual chapter and closing chapter after a Marathon that I set out to achieve. In this chapter, I am... Continue Reading →


I got a D7 for my GCE 'O' Level examination back then and because of this, I ended up having 16 points for my GCE 'O' Level. Throughout the course of my career, especially after my service with Navy, I need to do lots of writing. From project report and presentation and later "upgrading" to... Continue Reading →

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